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Welcome to Kittens Wiki! Right now, the wiki still needs lots of help, so please join! AjCatlove is adopting the wiki soon to make it a comprehensive encyclopedia about kittens and their care! We now have a total of 8 pages and 418 edits have been made to Kittens Wiki!

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  • Be nice to other users, do not call their blogs or kittens bad names.
  • No cussing or bad words (especially the f word).
  • Do not spam or vandalize.
  • Do not insert random gibberish.
  • Do not write about a specific kitten/your kitten in a page, do it in a blog post instead.
  • Never blank pages. If you find a spam page, put a delete tag.
  • Delete tags should not be put in just because you don't like a page. Only put them in if it is really spam.

Punishments for breaking rules

Rule Break Punishment
Calling a user a mean name. 3/7/30 days blocked.
Calling a user's kitten or blog a bad name. 3/7/30/365 days blocked.
Cussing. 7/14/30 days blocked.
Spamming for achievements. 30/90/365/720 days blocked.
Spamming in another form. 7/30/365 days blocked.
Mass spamming. 365/1825 days blocked.
Vandalism. 14/30/365 days blocked.
Extreme vandalism. indefinite on first block
Blanking a page.

30/365 days blocked.

Writing about a specific kitten in a page. 1/3/7/14/30/90/365 days blocked.
Inserting random gibberish. 3/7/30/365 days blocked.
Abusing delete tags. 7/30/365 days blocked.
Saying delete the wiki.

3650 days blocked.

Note: on first two blocks for a type of spam/vandalism, besides indefs, let the user edit their talk page so they can request to be unblocked.

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