Kittens are the young of the house cat, Felis domesticus, and are usually very playful, and are very lovable if raised in a good home. Once a kitten becomes a year old, it is no longer considered a kitten, and is considered an adult cat. Their color as an adult cat is often the same as the color as a kitten.



They are very small, about 3-4 inches and 3 1/2 ounces. Their eyes are not open at this time, and they cannot
Newborn kitten

A newborn kitten

urinate or decafate on their own, needing their mother to give them a rub in the anal area to simulate excretion, which newborn kittens cannot do on their own until they are 2-3 weeks old. They should not be over-handled, especially in the first week of life. They can taught to use a litter box at 4 weeks old by putting them in the litter box after a meal.

6-8 weeksEdit

At this age, they can run well and are difficult or impossible to catch. Windows should not be left open, so the kitten
6-8 weeks kitten

6-8 week old kitten

will not jump out and fall, which could possibly break its bones or kill it. They usually weigh about one pound at this time and are about 6 inches long.
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